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Prenuptial agreements carry a certain perception, mainly that it takes away some of the romance, because it forces couples to think about and prepare for a future where they are no longer married. However, interestingly enough, couples are creating prenuptial agreements in increasing numbers nowadays.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement before getting married, Gossman Law Firm, LLC can help. As a divorce firm with years of experience, we can create a plan that protects your assets and finances now, to protect your family in case of a divorce.

How Can I Protect My Assets Following Divorce?

Prenuptial agreements are meant to protect one’s particular interests, such as a major investment or a home. As an example, let’s say that you purchased the home with your personal finances before you were married. Your agreement can include the direction that you wish for the house to remain separate property when it comes to property division settlements. This can ensure that your home remains solely your property and your financial responsibility — your spouse would not be able to make any claim or interest in the house.

The following are some of the most common reasons for a prenuptial agreement:

  • You are entering a second marriage
  • You have inherited property or you own an estate
  • To protect your personal finances if your spouse has a high amount of debt
  • When one partner earns more than the other or possesses significantly more wealth
  • If you have a stake in or own a significant part of a business
  • You have plans to leave your current career and focus on raising your family

Prenuptial agreements are legal documents, which means that all of the information included can be enforced under the law. To ensure that your rights are protected, we urge you to seek legal counsel to discuss your situation. Our Birmingham divorce lawyers can help you work out a marital contract that ensures your best interests are protected.

Free Consultations About Your Prenuptial Agreement

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