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Representing The Best Interests Of Your Children

Children are precious and are of the utmost importance during a divorce. Gossman Law Firm, LLC will help you stand up for your children’s best interests in your custody matters. Custody is a very complex subject involving multiple factors, which is another reason why it is so important to retain a lawyer.

So, why hire Gossman Law Firm, LLC?

What Factors Affect Child Custody?

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining custody, and the goal of the court is to determine the best interests of the child. Many things are taken into consideration, including the parent’s relationship with the child, current living arrangements, alcohol or drug issues, employment, school zones, health, etc.

Factors that influence child custody decisions include:

  • Child custody lawyer abuse or neglect by either parent
  • The current custody arrangement and living situations
  • Any history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Each parent’s employment and financial stability
  • The child’s preference when applicable

What Are The Different Forms Of Custody?

There are many different types of custody, including joint custody, shared custody and sole custody.

  • Joint custody is when both parents have equal custody and custodial rights.
  • Sole custody is when one parent has legal and physical custody and the noncustodial parent has designated visitation periods, the right to all medical and school records, etc.
  • Shared custody can be almost any mixture of the two and specifies who the primary decision-maker is when the parties are unable to agree on different issues.

Also Serving As Guardians Ad Litem

Either party in a divorce can request that an attorney be appointed to represent the children and to protect their best interests. This attorney is the guardian ad litem, is appointed by the judge and represents only the children. Attorney Richelle H. Gossman is a licensed and certified guardian ad litem, and has been appointed to represent children in numerous cases in the courts of Birmingham, Alabama.

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