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Protecting Alabama Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents can be an extremely important part of a child’s upbringing. For many children, grandparents are like another set of parents, providing wisdom, mentor-ship and a loving atmosphere. Some grandparents even directly contribute to raising a child. However, when family problems emerge, grandparents can sometimes find themselves on the outside looking in with little hope of being able to continue to be involved in the lives of their loved ones. Fortunately, the law does allow grandparents some recourse to legally secure their visitation rights, and a Birmingham family law attorney can help you protect those rights when necessary.

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When Can Grandparents Pursue Visitation?

The laws in Alabama are designed to give grandparents the right to stay involved in the lives of their loved ones while simultaneously preserving the autonomy of a child’s parents. For grandparents, this means that if both parents are objecting to the grandparents’ visitation, then odds are there’s not much as a grandparent you can do. However, you can secure visitation rights in a few situations, including:

  • One or both parents have passed away
  • The child was abandoned by a parent
  • The child was born outside of marriage
  • Both parents are no longer married

In order to secure visitation, the grandparents must also demonstrate that their being forbidden from visitation is detrimental to the child, including showing that the relationship between the child and grandparents is beneficial to the child’s upbringing. The court will consider several things when making this determination, including the health of the grandparents, the relationship between the child and the grandparents, and the wishes of any minor children and their parents.

Learn How To See Your Grandchildren Again

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