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How Does Relocation Affect Child Custody?

Are you planning to move soon? Are you wondering it might affect your child custody, visitation rights or other matter concerning your child? We know that when parents relocate, their immediate thought is about how that move will affect their children.

At the Gossman Law Firm, LLC, we are here to protect you and your family’s legal rights, as well as build the foundation for creating a bright future. Gossman Law Firm, LLC can fight families to retain custody or have their children relocate with them.

What Does The Court Consider?

First, you must discuss the idea of relocation with the other parent. The parent who has custody or visitation rights must inform the other parent of his or her plans. If both parents agree, then they may begin the court process to ensure that this is legally recognized. These are the following factors that must be considered before granting relocation:

  • The child’s preferences
  • The child’s age and needs
  • The child’s relationship with the parents and relatives
  • How firmly rooted the child is within the current community
  • If the child will benefit or be at a disadvantage moving to a new location
  • The child’s educational, health care and social needs
  • Why one parent is requesting relocation
  • Why one parent is objecting to relocation, if there is an objection
  • How the move will impact one or the other parent

Relocation Can Be Contentious. We Can Keep It Calm.

Sadly, our Birmingham family law lawyer knows that relocation cases are not so simple and might often be contentious. The courts will scrutinize a relocation case heavily and will need a compelling reason that the move will be in the best interests of the child. For example, the parent who has custody cannot be granted relocation simply because he or she wants to move away from the other parent; there should be evidence that being away from the other parent is safer for the family, such as if the other parent had a history of domestic violence. Gossman Law Firm, LLC can work to keep your relocation custody issues as amicable as possible for you, your co-parent and your children.

If you have any further questions about relocation, child custody or any other family law matters, do not hesitate to contact our Birmingham family law attorney.

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