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Get Help From A Domestic Violence Lawyer

When those we love lash out and become violent against us, it’s easy to become confused, overwhelmed and heartbroken. Domestic violence is an all-too-common problem, and those who are victims of these instances might find themselves lost and without any idea what to do. If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence, the first and single most important thing you should do is get you and your loved ones to safety and away from the violent individual as soon as possible, then call a lawyer to start pursuing your legal options.

Gossman Law Firm, LLC recognizes the importance of acting quickly when you have been the victim of domestic violence. Getting away from an abuser can be one of the most terrifying risks you’ll ever take, and we firmly believe it is our duty to stand by those who need someone to stand up for them. We know the importance of acting quickly, and we put the full force of the law on your side when it comes to protecting your safety and your well-being after instances of domestic abuse. Trust us to help you, and let us ensure you receive the protection you need and advocacy you can trust from an attorney who places your well-being as their number one priority.

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What Are My Legal Options?

When you are the victim of domestic violence, you have several options available to you that can afford you protection from the legal system.

  • Obtain an order of protection: The first and most commonly-pursued option is to request and obtain an order of protection, otherwise known as a “restraining order.” You can initially request a temporary restraining order to grant you temporary protection, and once your case progresses further, the restraining order can be made more permanent.
  • Request sole custody: When the domestic abuser is also a parent, it’s important to keep your children protected from them as well. This means you can temporarily request sole custody of your children. During the course of your legal case with your abuser, you can make this claim to custody permanent, which severely limits the other parent’s opportunity to further abuse and deal more physical and emotional damage to your children.
  • Separate yourself permanently: When you are involved in a relationship with an abuser, whether a marriage, cohabitation or domestic partnership, the most important thing you should do is cut the legal ties of your relationship in order to protect yourself in the future.

Trust a skilled member of our team to help you with this process and provide you with staunch, unwavering representation that protects and defends your rights.

Get Help For Domestic Violence

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